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Manage capital with active vaults that predict and respond to market conditions. 24/7 and fully on-chain.

Access or develop actively managed vaults with previously impossible technical capabilities

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Real Yield USD. Earn real yield through an actively managed stablecoin vault.

Simultaneously allocates USDC, USDT, and DAI to Aave, Compound, Uniswap.

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Advanced crypto portfolio strategies by financial and crypto markets experts available on the Sommelier marketplace.

Sommelier hosts strategies for any risk profile or crypto assets preference.

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No matter your portfolio goals, we have strategies for everyone.

Let automated yield optimization strategies do the hard work for you.


Real Yield USD

The only strategy in Defi to maximize USDC, USDT, and DAI yields across Aave, Compound and Uniswap V3.


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Ultimate security & transparency

Fully auditable

All Cellar Smart Contracts have undergone extensive internal reviews by our highly sophisticated solidity engineers in addition to multiple external security audits. Sommelier Cellar Contracts are fully auditable by anyone.

Distributed governance

Transactions are managed by the Sommelier validator set with distributed governance. Cellars can only move assets among the prescribed positions and only users can remove their funds.

You own the keys

We are a non-custodial protocol. Money is stored directly on Ethereum smart contracts and deposited to AAVE. Users have the peace of mind that they can always remove their funds, no matter the state of the Sommelier protocol.

Safe bridge

Safe Gravity bridge is used only to pass strategy instructions. Funds are stored directly on Ethereum smart contracts.

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Ultimate yields

Machine learning models and really smart strategies

Sommelier enables off-chain computation to influence strategies, enabling the most sophisticated strategies that crypto space has ever seen. Machine learning models safely control cellars to manage risk and optimize yields.

Fast execution

Automated signature management for transactions enables strategies to rapidly move liquidity and capture yield on any distributed finance protocols.

Automated dynamic rebalancing

Machine learning models dynamically inform automatic portfolio rebalancing to focus liquidity on high yield opportunities while exiting positions with lower yields.

Multi-chain access

Sommelier is built for Cellars to operate across many protocols. Soon, you'll be able to put your liquidity to work across the entire crypto ecosystem.

Unlock your yield performance with Sommelier automated portfolio strategies

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Tired of manually moving your funds for better yields?

Say no more. Let the algorithms do the work.

How does it work?

Cosmos Stargate SDK

Modular and robust protocol with Tendermint Consensus delivers a world-class and tested protocol layer.

Bi-Directional Gravity Bridge

Ethereum transactions are managed by Sommelier's dedicated bridge infrastructure.

Low Gas Fees

Aggregating and batching dramatically reduces gas costs.

Greater Liquidity Momentum

Native batching and rollups deliver greater liquidity momentum to capture more yield.

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