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Sommelier is built on the Cosmos SDK to maximize interoperability with other blockchains, and the platform is a reimagined gateway into interchain DeFi. With a bridge in place connecting the Cosmos-based platform to Ethereum, Sommelier will be able to execute strategies across multiple blockchains, opening a wide horizon of possibilities

Traditional Finance has come to rely on the power of off-chain computation, since it allows their strategies to be proprietary and include the work of highly sophisticated data modeling, machine learning models which would be impossible to do On-chain. Sommelier aims to do all of this but without the tradeoff of centralization that exists in traditional finance thanks to its Validator Set.

Our team

Kristi Põldsam


Stephanie Vaughan

Head of Operations

Jack Zampolin


Kevin Kennis


Zaki Manian


Joseph Terrigno

Senior Data Scientist

Collin Brittain

Protocol Engineer

Eric Bolten

Head of Protocol Development

Tyler Schidmt

Frontend Lead

Sunand Raghupathi

Head of Research and Development

Mantas Vidutis

Senior Protocol Engineer

Phil Bal

Protocol Engineer

Josh Kessler

Director of Growth and Business Development

Henri Ots

Product Manager

Crispy Mangoes

Smart Contract Developer


Smart Contract Developer

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