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Blockchain startup decides to acquire a California winery and host NFT wine parties

Sommelier has acquired the famed Bel Vino winery of California after issuing over $10 Billion in tokens called SOMMWINE on UniswapV3 and leveraging them 120x to complete the sale.

Palo Alto, CA -- (April 1, 2021) – Sommelier announced its acquisition of the Sommelier DeFi Winery in Temucala, California for just under $1 Billion.

A World Class Winery & Vineyard Property: Sommelier's new renamed “DeFi Winery” is a fully functioning and self-contained winery and 40 acre vineyard property that has been in business nearly five hundred years of liquid lushness. Under visionary new ownership of the Sommelier team since late last week, the property is now a world class DeFi winery in a world class location, with one of the greatest growth potentials of any winery on the blockchain. Provenance!

With 40 prime locations and prime vineyard acres, growing wine and hospitality business, outstanding facilities, great management team, aggressive marketing and a strong tokenomics, Sommelier’s Vineyard looks like it may enjoy strong double digit growth on NFT sales of its digital grape lend artwork. The new Sommelier offices includes a 7,000 square foot main winery building on 4 beautifully landscaped acres, completely remodeled by famed engineers Jack Zampolin and Justin Kilpatrick, containing: A large tasting room & Cosmos gift shop area, a barrel room events venue, offices, complete commercial kitchen with outdoor pool.

“People thought we were drunk when we got this great location, but we saw an opportunity to change the world with wine'' says Sommelier Co-Founder Zaki Manian. “We really like this spot and everyone wants SOMMWINE. How could we go wrong?”

The team is also in talks to buy a winery in Central Valley, Chile, given the connections of the team with the area and the premium quality of their signature grapes.

“We believe that by expanding our wine selection through interoperability and collaboration, we can create a larger value for our Californian and South American communities.” stated Co-Founder Federico Kunze Küllmer.

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