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Sommelier Protocol Team Weekly Update #9

Welcome to the weekly Protocol team update on the Sommelier protocol upgrades! This week we continue with the Sommelier chain upgrade and bringing Steward to life.


The Sommelier protocol team is excited as it continues to improve the capabilities of Lens with Ocular. This way, we can improve the current client user experience by interacting with the Cosmos chain registry and abstracting away a lot of configuration for server-side (RPC/gRPC) interactions and configuring IBC relayers.

Lens, What is it?

Lens is popularly called your lens to view the Cosmos. It provides a command-line tool to interact with any cosmos chain supporting the core Cosmos-SDK modules, by packing all the best practices in the Golang cosmos client development into one place and providing simple and easy to use APIs provided by standard Cosmos chains.

Lens is meant to be imported as a library in other Github repositories and projects to easily navigate and interact with the Cosmos Hub along with IBC chains. The cmd package implements the lens command-line tool while the client package contains all the building blocks to build your own, complex, feature-rich, Cosmos client in go.

This library has exciting use cases. For instance, it can be used for transaction automation (x/authz for security) for farming applications. Here, the team is implementing a specific ledger integration for working with x/authz. This way, users can sign the authorization transaction to managed key from a ledger. Other use cases are server-side query integrations for alerting or other automation, trading bots, indexers, search engines, etc.

Ocular, Lens Rust Version

Ocular is the Rust version of Lens, It is a Rust implementation of Lens. Over the years, most tools are built with Golang in the Cosmos ecosystem. This leads to a significant scarcity or unavailability of Rust tools/libraries in the ecosystem. However, there has been a growing demand for Rust libraries/tools in the ecosystem now.

The goal of Ocular is to bridge the gap between Rust and the Cosmos ecosystem by providing in-demand Rust tools/libraries for the Cosmos ecosystem, starting with Lens. This library is still a work in progress and is developed by the Sommelier team here. While the current goal of the Sommelier protocol team is to release Steward, we can’t wait to showcase Ocular and all of it’s amazing features and use cases.

In other news, Cork is still under review and is being integrated into Steward, in anticipation of Steward’s release.

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