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Call for Validators: The Two Step Process for 2021

Thank you to all the validators that have completed the survey for the first round of validators. Your efforts continue to help put together a great process to decentralize another great chain in the Cosmos ecosystem.

If you wish to be a validator for mainnet, please review the process below. This process continues to change as more information and feedback from the community gets shared so your participation is needed. Below are two steps of the validator have to get familiar with:

  1. Mainnet will launch with just FIVE validators. However, new validators will join on a quarterly basis for Q3 and Q4 2021 with a new validator group joined at the beginning of each quarter.
  2. For Q3, 2021 (July - September) interested mainnet validators will need to have 15 mainnet validator keys. For Q4 (October - December), 2021, this requirement may be reduced or maintained, based on the mainnet performance and feedback from current and rising validators.

Next Step: If you are currently active on 15 or more PoS mainnets, reach out to us on the #🔄-validators channel on discord here:

We will update all validator-applicants the first week of October, 2021, of any changes to the validator process. The number of validators is not a requirement for participation. It’s a proxy for mainnet validator expertise and priority for onboarding to mainnet which is expected to have multiple upgrades and changes at launch.

Many thanks for all your support and interaction on the #🔄-validators discord channel.

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