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Strategy Provider Spotlight: Seven Seas

Hello, Sommelier community! Recently, the very first Cellar was deployed to Sommelier, which optimizes a stablecoin lending position on AAVE. We wanted to cast a spotlight on the team that delivered the first Cellar in existence, Seven Seas, in order to familiarize our community with a core team that plans to develop more cellars in the future.

The Seven Seas mission statement is parallel to Sommelier's core objective: “Democratize access to sophisticated strategies and allow communities of investors to safely participate in the new paradigm of financial markets”. Additionally, the Seven Seas team is strongly associated with the Sommelier core team; multiple Co-Founders of Sommelier ventured into strategy provisioning in launching Seven Seas.

The Seven Seas team has the unique blend of expertise in traditional finance, DeFi, and data science required to bring strategies from ideation to production. This multifaceted team is keen on exploring the frontier of active crypto portfolio management. This includes giving a wider audience than ever before access to sophisticated investment strategies as well as pioneering new approaches to strategist compensation in the non-custodial paradigm that Sommelier is enabling. To this end, one of the aims of Seven Seas is also to create the right compliance architecture as they launch innovative strategies. By paving this ground, Seven Seas is solving a critical piece of the puzzle, since DeFi projects often struggle with regulatory clarity.

“DeFi projects often struggle with regulatory clarity, and the uncertainty and lack of guidance are barriers to growth. One of the aims of Seven Seas is to create the right compliance architecture as they launch innovative strategies, and this will benefit DeFi investors as well as developers,” said Ramona Tudorancea, Compliance Officer of Seven Seas.

Seven Seas’ open, non-custodial approach was already successfully tested in preparation for debuting an Aave strategy Cellar on Sommelier. The 7seas team is excited to build further on Sommelier and innovate active investment management in DeFi as we know it today.

We extend a warm welcome to Seven Seas and look forward to the many future Cellars they plan to share with the world on Sommelier. The close communication and cooperation amongst core team members allow for optimal integration and development procedure, and we’re thrilled to see what products are created through this synergy.

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