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Introducing Sommelier LP Rewards Program

Sommelier wants to help make your LP living better and launched an initial run of its LPREWARDS Program. If you are a Liquidity Provider on Sommelier, you may qualify for an LP reward from one of the pools monitored by Sommelier in our top 7-Day listings. Great pools want to reward LPs for putting up the capital for the ETH pool. They reward Sommeliers with an airdrop to addresses that provide liquidity or to addresses that stake their LP tokens.

After a long day of Ethereum DEX activity, do any of these questions apply to you?

Are you very hurt by high gas ETH prices?

Are you really angry that you don’t have enough great wine in your cellar?

Are you massively frustrated that you’re not appreciated for taking on Liquidity Provider (LP) marketing making risk?

If you are, then you need to take advantage of the newest program from Sommelier: Sommelier’s LPREWARDS!


The Sommelier LP rewards launched with our first sponsor, Konomi Network, a decentralized money market protocol on Polkadot. They sponsored $10,000 in KONO rewards to Sommelier Liquidity Providers on the Konomi Network that took positions in the month of March, 2021. Liquidity Provider on average received $500 in KONO per active Sommelier LP address.

AMA with Konomi

Konomi Network Co-Founder Jayden Antonio will be hosting an AMA with Master Sommelier Taariq Lewis on our Sommelier Telegram this THURSDAY, APRIL 8, at 13:00 UTC. There will be a further Airdrop of AMA Rewards from KONO for members with the best questions, as selected by Jayden.

Join the AMA here 👉

About Konomi

Konomi (KONO) is a full suite asset management solution for cross-chain crypto assets. Using Substrate as the development framework, the network aims to support more assets in the Polkadot ecosystem. Users could manage their crypto holding positions, trade assets and earn interest through decentralised money market products. Konomi issues its native network token in order to kick start liquidity and decentralised governance.

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) often still suffer from liquidity problems. Konomi aims to solve this by allowing traders to tap liquidity pools available in other exchanges as long as they are connected to Polkadot’s ecosystem. This is made possible due to the platform’s connections developed between parachains and blockchain bridges.

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