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Three New Summer Features for Liquidity Providers

Over the last month, $5MM in Uniswap v3 Liquidity was added via the Sommelier Pairings DeFi application. Hundreds of Liquidity Providers have used Sommelier Pairings to add liquidity with already established Bollinger bands for easy and fast liquidity provisioning. It's an amazing start to the summer!

We want to build on this initial success with our community. Today, we are pleased to share that we have new features that come out of our engagement with our community of Sommeliers as well as Uniswap v3 partners. We’re excited to share that today we announce three new summer features that aim to make Liquidity Provisioning on Uniswap v3 even faster and easier for minnows, sharks, and even whale investors. If you are a liquidity provider on Uniswap v3 and you want more power but with the same speed and ease of Pairings, these features are just for you.

Deep Links

The list of pools on Uniswap v3 continues to grow now that Uniswap v3 volume continues to move from Uniswap v2 and other AMMs. On, we felt the search bar was easy, but that Liquidity Providers wanted more speed and accessibility to their pools of choice. To solve this limitation, we are launching Pool URLs and Deep links to all Uniswap v3 pools.

For example, if we go to we’ll find the USDC/ETH pool. If we want to take advantage of the Bollinger Bands from Sommelier for easy pairing, just enter the pool has 0x8ad599c3a0ff1de082011efddc58f1908eb6e6d8, for this example into the Pairings URL: and you’ll quickly land on the Sommelier Parings for USDC/ETH and the 0.30% fee tier. No more worrying about whether you’re on the right fee tier. If you know details about your pool and you want to take advantage of free range estimations, using Pairings’ deep links is the feature that will get you into LP position fast and easy.

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We are also launching our very own Sommelier Pool URLs. Pool URLs are Sommelier verified Pools with short URLs that are easy to remember and share with a short URL from the domain name.

You can keep track of our growing Pool lists on our resources page here: Pool URLs are our work to make it easy to find verified pool tiers for Uniswap v3. You may find the pool URLs when you click the Copy Token1/Token2 Links button, you’ll get a pool shortened link that you may share anywhere so that you are able to let friends and others know which pools you’re enjoying collecting revenues and fees.

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Range Order Editing

One key feedback we collected from Liquidity Providers was that they wanted to be able to control the range order input that they received from other Uniswap v3 simulation and modeling tools. For example, if after using Defi Lab’s Uniswap v3 simulator at, a user wanted to then enter their optimized ranges, they would not be able to do that previously on Pairings. Today, we introduce manual range order editing. Users may use Pairings to adjust their range order upper and lower bounds from the default Bollinger bands and to select different range spaces. Users have the same speed and ease with range orders, but now with more control. This feature is ideal for larger and more sophisticated users that may spend more time completing simulations and seeking to compare them against the Bollinger band strategies.

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Metamask Network Checks

Over the past month, we saw hundreds of users of L1 and L2 networks such as Binance Smart Chain and Polygon(Matic) come over to Sommelier Pairings for their Unsiwap v3 liquidity transactions. Demand for L2 activities is high and a number of users suffered multiple Metamask gas estimation errors because they attempted to execute a Polygon(Matic) or Binance Smart Chain Ethereum transaction on Sommelier which is currently Ethereum mainnet only.

We believe that users should have a fast and easy experience, regardless of the network. As such, we’ve added detection for Metamask users on non-ethereum L1 and L2 networks and will handle their interaction on Sommelier with reminders to switch back to Ethereum mainnet to complete transactions on Pairings.

These three new summer features for Pairings makes adding liquidity on Uniswap v3 faster and easier for both small and large Liquidity Providers. Please head over to Sommelier Pairings at and give the new features a quick trial to see if they help you add liquidity even faster and easier than before.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please join us on either our telegram community at: or our Discord channel at We will respond quickly and engage. Cheers!

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