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Strategy Provider Spotlight: ClearGate

In advance of the upcoming governance proposals for the newest cellar deployments, we’d like to introduce the team responsible, ClearGate. From where we stand today, ClearGate has plans to bring several cellars to market over the coming weeks and beyond.

Without harping on the specifics of the strategies too much, we’d like to provide some background on the ClearGate team and primary strategy developer, Tõnn Talpsepp. ClearGate prides itself on extensive backtesting and a reliance on quantitative analytics to reduce human biases in strategy execution. They design and optimize strategies and portfolios to provide better risk and return trade-offs compared to simple buy-and-hold approaches, which clearly aligns with Sommelier’s core objective: to provide democratized access to sophisticated, active portfolio management for a wide spectrum of consumers, including the average hands-off investor.

Tõnn is an interdisciplinary expert and leader at the intersection of finance, data science, and software engineering. He’s a Chartered Financial Analyst and Financial Risk Manager who has been a CIO, proprietary trader, and analyst, and he pairs his financial market and investment chops from these roles with an academic background as a Ph.D. and current associate professorship at the Tallinn University of Technology. He also has industry experience in data science, software engineering, making him as close to a perfect strategy provider as we can imagine!

Tõnn’s passionate about bridging the gap between TradFi and DeFi; primarily originating from a traditional background, he’s very excited to bring his expertise to DeFi and empower the average crypto connoisseur. Sommelier has created an optimal environment for Tõnn and other folks alike with traditional backgrounds by providing a plug and play experience for strategy development and deployment. Without having to solve bootstrapping issues or outsource smart contract development, Tonn has minimal technical debt and can focus on the efficiency and performance of his strategies (thanks to the plug and play nature of Sommelier).

We extend a warm welcome to Tõnn and the ClearGate team and look forward to the several carefully devised strategies they plan to bring to Sommelier. Stay tuned for more on the first two strategies ClearGate is bringing to the Sommelier community. We’re excited for Tõnn’s pioneering step to jumpstart a wave of TradFi strategy experts coming to the platform and encourage anyone interested in developing DeFi strategies to reach out to our team.

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