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Sommelier Protocol Team Weekly Update #6

Welcome to the weekly Protocol team update on the Sommelier protocol upgrades! This week we continue with the Sommelier chain upgrade and bringing Steward to life.


One way to make sure that an application responds in the way it was designed to, or can do what it is supposed to do is by testing. As the launch date for Steward and the Sommelier chain draws nearer, the protocol team is working round the clock to make sure it passes tests. Also, the Gravity bridge has tests that ensures that the genesis file works as intended.

Steward Integration Tests

In software development, there are different types of tests. For instance, engineers can test individual units of an application. This type of test is called Unit testing. Another type of test is when engineers test individual components as a group, known as integration testing. The goal of integration tests is to validate interactions among different software system modules.

This integration test is exactly what the protocol team want to achieve with Steward. Since Steward consists of different modules, it is important that engineers ascertain that these modules interact with each other adequately. For example, while Steward is intended for developers and validators on the Sommelier network, it integrates the full functionality of gorc for operating as an orchestrator and relayer of Gravity bridge messages between the Ethereum and Cosmos chains. How will developers ensure that all these interact with each other as they ought to? This is what the protocol team have proved with the incorporation of an integration test.

In this test, the protocol team have shown how the key module, orchestrator module, config module and so on interact with each other, by testing out the rebalance function and other functions.

Testing Delegate Genesis Export

The genesis file in a Cosmos chain holds a bunch of information that influences the starting conditions for your network. This is very important on a proof of stake chain, since everything else that will happen during the life of the chain will originate from the authority and value granted here.

Just like in Steward, the protocol team has created a test to make sure `EthSignature` in the Gravity bridge is recorded accordingly. This is because,`EthSignature` will not be present in the keeper and will instead return null, causing an error. Therefore, a test has been setup to use a placeholder value for `EthSignature` in `DelegateKeys` when exporting and also confirm `DelegateKeys` validation is working as expected.

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