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Sommelier Protocol Team Weekly Update #7

Welcome to the weekly Protocol team update on the Sommelier protocol upgrades! This week we continue with the Sommelier chain upgrade and bringing Steward to life.


As the airdrop continues and things begin to get into shape, the `somm` token has been added to the Osmosis asset list. This is to improve discoverability, reputation, and trust in token lists in a manner that is inclusive, transparent, and decentralized. Also, the chain was upgraded to process only valid transaction batches.

Osmosis Asset List

The Osmosis asset list is inspired by the Token Lists project on Ethereum which helps discoverability of ERC20 tokens by providing a mapping between erc20 contract addresses and their associated metadata. Asset lists are a similar mechanism to allow frontends and other UIs to fetch metadata associated with Cosmos SDK denoms, especially for assets sent over IBC. This Standard is a work in progress.

The reason the format of `assets` in the `assetlist.json` structure is a strict superset json representation of the `banktypes.DenomMetadata` from the Cosmos SDK is that the standard may eventually be migrated into a Cosmos SDK module in the future, so it can be easily maintained on chain instead of on Github.

Airdrops for Osmosis have been sent and all users who qualify for the airdrop in the osmosis section. Users can continue to check via mintscan or other explorers for Osmosis or wait until keplr integration goes mainnet.

Sommelier Chain Upgrade

The Sommelier chain has been upgraded, to make sure empty or invalid batches don’t aren’t processed and don’t make it to the chain. Although this has been dealt with on the chain-side, the protocol team makes an update to the gravity bridge in an act of defensive coding exercise in the event that something like this happens in the future.

In theory, if we just have the orchestrator ignore invalid batches, it will eventually time out and be canceled. This upgrade will filter out anything that doesn't cleanly serialize from the proto when querying for current batches against the chain. The Sommelier chain upgrade is a security release for the Sommelier-3 chain and is safe to deploy to all existing nodes without a chain halt.

In other news, since clapv3 is now stable and has been integrated into Abscissa, the protocol team has successfully upgraded Steward, Gorc, and other Rust tools that use Clap for better efficiency.

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