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Strategy Provider Spotlight: Patache Digital

We’re excited to announce that another excellent strategy provider is bringing their expertise to Sommelier - Patache Digital! The firm has more than 120 combined years of risk, trading, programming, research, and financial services experience, and we can’t wait to share more about the strategies they’re planning to launch in the coming weeks.

Patache team members hail from the largest financial institutions and investment management organizations including Deutsche Bank, MetLife, Stanford Management Company, and Greenwich Capital Markets, and already they’ve had success developing DeFi trading strategies. Our Founder Zaki just interviewed them, which you can see here.

Erik Mayo, who is among the founders, has even done some strategy advisory work for Sommelier and proposed the original idea that evolved into the AAVE cellar developed by Seven Seas. Patache brings a combination of decades of trading experience and signal/system design with superior risk management and technical capabilities.

Patache (and its affiliates) is a trading research developer and producer with unique technology and IP. They have developed a very pragmatic approach to understanding price behavior that when integrated with sound trade management techniques, has the potential to consistently generate above-market returns as well as provide superior hedging effectiveness and spread trading opportunities.

Patache’s goal is to have a reasonable and a sustainable edge rather than maximum precision in understanding price behavior. Their approach is to focus on volatility, or stated more formally: “the objective is to consistently and accurately predict 1-3 days of volatile prices 1 day in advance.”

Patache’s family of products across the Tradfi and Defi landscape comprises:

  • Research: Trading signals on 20+ CME commodity futures tickers in currencies, metals, crypto, equities, treasuries, softs, and energy. Trading signals on top 5 Uniswap V3 cryptocurrency pairs.

  • Trade Management: Customizable risk appetite, trade management and additional flexibility with trade rebalancing.

  • Portfolio Management: Multiple algorithms and risk constraints

Stay tuned for details on strategies Patache will be proposing very soon. And follow @SommFinance on Twitter, where we look forward to helping you get to know their team better. It’s truly a pleasure to have them coming onboard.

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