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Sommelier Partners With Mysten Labs to Make Sommelier and All Cosmos Blockchains the Fastest Protocols on the Planet

We are super excited today to announce our latest R&D partnership with Mysten Labs, run by former Facebook Diem and Novi team members, who will increase Sommelier’s transaction speeds and bring Move smart contracts to the entire Cosmos ecosystem of chains now valued at over $100Billion.

As the explosion of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications, protocols and chains gains momentum, the Sommelier network faces greater demand to deliver enterprise transaction processing capabilities across its distributed blockchain network.

This partnership meets that demand and empowers DeFi LPs to move billions of liquidity rapidly, safely and privately. The Mysten Labs team’s expertise has the potential to allow Sommelier’s blockchain to potentially process transactions as fast as 100,000 transactions per second(TPS). In addition, Sommelier may also soon have smart contracts capabilities available via the Move smart contract language.

“The Sommelier Tendermint consensus has raw untapped potential to process over 100K Transactions per Second (TPS). What we are doing with this partnership is completing the work of unleashing Tendermint’s potential to be the fastest blockchain network in datacenter class environments. We are excited to partner with the best expertise from Facebook’s former team of leading cryptography and distributed computing engineers who brought Diem and Novi to life,” says our Founder & CEO Zaki Manian.

Sommelier is also able to share these wins with the greater Cosmos ecosystem, including improvements to the main CosmosHub blockchain and the ATOM token. Cosmos’ commitment to open source technology collaboration means that over $100 Billion in value managed by Cosmos chains will soon enjoy Mysten Labs’ open source mempool and consensus technology.

“Mysten Labs’ mission is to build foundational infrastructure for web3. Over the next few months, we will demonstrate innovative scaling technologies to push blockchains throughput beyond what is possible today. We are thrilled about the opportunity to work with Zaki and the awesome Sommelier team to unlock Tendermint’s potential. Stay tuned,” says Evan Cheng, Teamlead at Mysten Labs.

To learn more about Sommelier and this partnership, please visit and join our Telegram Community

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