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User Guide: How to Participate in Strategies on Sommelier

Ease of use is a core design principle for us at Sommelier. We want interacting with a Strategy to be a simple and familiar experience for everyday users. With that in mind, there are two ways to participate in Strategies.

Option 1: Buy the Token on Uniswap

Strategy Tokens enable anyone to participate in actively managed crypto portfolios just by holding a token. By holding the Strategy Token, you own the underlying assets in the Strategy. For example, in an ETH and BTC Strategy, holding the Strategy Token means you’re holding a mix of ETH and BTC that is being managed by the strategist. The strategist and smart contract algorithms handle all of the portfolio management. You don’t have to do a thing. When you’re ready to leave the Strategy, all you have to do is sell the token. You can learn more about what Strategy Tokens are and how they work in our blog here.

Once you’ve selected a Strategy that you’d like to try, follow these steps:

1. Connect to the Uniswap App and click the token you’d like to pay with. To find the Strategy Token you’d like to acquire, click on the “Select token” dropdown.

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2. Enter the token ticker of the Strategy Token you’re looking for (e.g., ETHBTCTrend, ETHBTCMom, etc.) and select it from the list.

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3. Enter the amount you’d like to spend/buy and click “Swap” and confirm the transaction.

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4. That’s it! All you have to do is hold your Strategy Token and track the performance of the Strategy on our App. Once on the site, select the Strategy that corresponds to your Strategy Token and click “Manage Portfolio” to find detailed performance information. When you’re ready to leave the Strategy, you can sell for whatever tokens you’d like on Uniswap.

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Option 2: Deposit Directly on the Sommelier App

If you already have the tokens that are part of a strategy (like ETH for a strategy involving (ETH+BTC), you can connect to our App and deposit directly.

1. Connect to our App and select the Strategy that you’d like to participate in.

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2. Click “Manage Portfolio” on the right hand side of the page.

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3. Click on the "Buy" button.

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4. Select the token you’d like to deposit from the dropdown and enter the amount. Click “Submit” and confirm the transaction.

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5. That’s it! Return to the “Manage Portfolio” page to track the value of your tokens and the Strategy’s performance. When you’re ready to leave a Strategy, just click the “Sell” button.

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