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Sommelier Protocol Design Documents

We just launched our notion docs that will help explain what Sommelier is in great detail. This Blog post will give a quick overview on whats covered with links taking you to the corresponding notion pages.

Sommelier Protocol Docs

Introduction to Sommelier Protocol

This document contains a high level overview of the Sommelier Protocol as we currently understand it.


You may have noticed that SOMM doesn’t have staking rewards. Find out why!


We’ve an envisioned many roles in the Sommelier DAO. Learn more below.

  • Strategy Providers

  • Cellar Creators

  • Cellar Liquidity Providers

  • Validators

  • Stakers

  • Governance

Cellar concepts

Concepts for cellars that should inspire new cellar creators and help educate about how Cellars work.

Earning with Sommelier

A users guide for Cellars as they are launched.


Please note: This documentation is still actively being worked on. Over the next few weeks, you can see live updates here.

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